bunch of mafia AU’s drawings (kinda continuation from this)

this time with a glimpse of Bucky and Sam! drawing mob boss! Steve is really entertaining like wow i can sketch 3 pages full of his smug ass faces hahaa

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 A: I  have the pleasure to taste  a dinner delicious  with two such talented musicians, Mr. Graham let me be the first to welcome you. The Lord is Hannibal Lecter, but you must have heard of his career.

Allegra Pazzi: Gentlemen, do you think that a one man can become so obsessed with one person, single  with one encounter?

William Graham: the truth is that I do not know

Hannibal Lecter: Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for him and find nourishment in the very sight ? I think so. But would she see through the bars of his plight and ache for him? 



a few days ago … a girl I wonder what actress would choose to play william graham?, if tubiera That opportunity … good .. I would choose Rachel Weisz.

  why? she has played many different roles During his career and she is a beauty naturally.

of course she is very transparent look that reflect the feelings  showing us a naive woman or queen of hell in two second

fem will graham hannigram hannibal

ixilecter :

Cuando él huele Freddie Lounds sobre Will Graham, el rendimiento de Mads está tan impresionado en ese momento porque estaba convencido de Hannibal. El plan de Will tuvo éxito; él absolutamente seducido Hannibal Lecter. Eso es parte de la misma para Aníbal. “Me has engañado, y me permití ser engañados.” La otra parte era la devastadora pérdida de la amistad.

- Bryan Fuller.

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